Flamenco performers

A Tablao is a unique space where Flamenco shows are performed, they have developed during the 1940s throughout Spain replacing the “Cafés Cantantes” (cabarets). The “Cafés Cantantes” was entertainment establishments where, in addition to serving food & drinks, they offered performances of singing, playing, and dancing flamenco.

Our Flamenco Tablao Nights are from Thursdays through Sundays.

We now offer the only Spanish “ALL YOU CAN EAT” Buffet with over 35 dishes from different regions of Spain, which also includes the show. As well as our Buffet, we also offer a "Dinner & Show menu”.

Please see the flyers below, which explain the seating times and prices for each night.

We recommend that you make reservations a couple of days in advance. We also recommend that parties over 10 guests fill out our party & event questionnaire, this way we can accommodate your party accordingly.

Flamenco menu
Thursday menu
Friday menu
Saturday menu
Sunday menu